Natural History Photographs

Albania is one of the less well-known European countries, which has mostly to do with its checkered history. Biologically speaking, Albania is also relatively uncharted, as its flora and fauna till now have received less attention than that of other countries in the Balkan. This made it an interesting destination, with little to go on for expectations. Together with Matty I explored both the south and the north of Albania, after a few days in northern Greece. In retrospect I must have had high hopes for spectacularly wild nature - something we didn't really find. Lots of Albania, especially the coastal area and the lowland around Tirana, is heavily used and altered by humans and in full summer not too enticing. The northern mountains turned out to be more rewarding, but various non-scientific sources seem to over-emphasize the distinctness of the Albanian flora.

As with all my trips in this corner of Europe, I traveled together with Matty Musters, who took care of all the logistic aspects, in addition to being a good friend and conversational partner.

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