Natural History Photographs

Xanthorrhoea australis
Commonly known as Grass tree, or Black Boys - though the latter is now deemed politically incorrect!
Vanessa kershawi
Synonyms:Cynthia kershawi
English:Australian painted lady
The Australian Painted Lady
Dacelo novaeguineae
Laughing Kookaburra
Myrmecia nigriscapa
Bulldog ant. The smaller black ant in the leftmost photo is a Camponotus species.

Caladenia venusta
Large White Spider Orchid
Calochilus robertsonii
Purplish Beard Orchid
Caladenia maritima
Angahook Caladenia

Various flowers
Sphaerolobium minus
Leafless Globe-pea
Gompholobium ecostatum
Dwarf Wedge-pea
Dillwynia sericea
Showy Parrot-pea
Kennedia prostrata
Running Postman
Thomasia petalocalyx
Paper flower
Drosera macrantha
Synonyms:Sondera macrantha
Climbing Sundew. The fly on the flower is a Tachinidae, Phasia spec.

At the end of a beautiful day a look over the sea - with clouds bringing only verga not the long wanted rain