Natural History Photographs

At the end of the first day of travel, a while after Spili we had to turn right in Kissou Kampos.This road led to a pass at a height of ca. 700m, where we had a final stop before reaching Kerames (visible on the top left photo), where we stayed in a small hotel. The pass is visible from a large distance by the presence of a series of modern windmills, placed here for a good reason: it tends to be windy up there! It wasn't difficult at all to find a range of orchids, so that at the end of the first day, I had already met many targets...

Serpitinite, a rock composed of one or more serpentine group minerals; the name originates from the similarity of the texture of the rock to that of the skin of a snake. Minerals in this group are formed by serpentinization, a hydration and metamorphic transformation of ultramafic rock from the Earth's mantle. Source.
Collema cf. callopismum
Svenska:navlad gelélav
Lichen, unidentified
Lichen community
Orchis italica
Authority:Poir., 1798
Nederlands:Italiaanse orchis
English:naked-man orchid
Deutsch:Italienisches Knabenkraut
Français:Orchis d'Italie
Italiano:orchide italiana, uomo nudo
Anacamptis boryi
Authority:(Rchb.f.) R.M.Bateman, Pridgeon & M.W.Chase
Synonyms:Orchis boryi Rchb.f.
Nederlands:Kretenser orchis
English:Bory's orchid
Français:orchis de Bory, orchis de Crète
Orchis pauciflora
Authority:Ten., 1811
Nederlands:gele karstorchis
Français:orchis à fleurs peu nombreuses
Italiano:orchide calabr
Tulipa cretica
Authority:Boiss. & Heldr. 1854
Italiano:tulipano cretese
Euphorbia acanthothamnos
Synonyms:Tithymalus acanthothamnos
Anacamptis collina
Authority:(Banks & Sol. ex Russell) R.M.Bateman, Pridgeon & M.W.Chase, 1997
Synonyms:Orchis collina Banks & Sol. 1794
English:fan-lipped orchid
Français:orchis des collines, orchis à bourse, orchis à sac
Italiano:orchide a sacco
Español:orquídea pobre, orquidilla
Anacamptis papilionacea
Authority:(L.) R.M.Bateman, Pridgeon & M.W.Chase, 1997
Synonyms:Orchis papilionacea Linnaeus, 1759
English:pink butterfly orchid
Deutsch:Schmetterlingsknabenkraut, schmetterlingsblütige Knabenkraut,
Français:grand orchis papillon
Italiano:cipressini, orchide a farfalla
Español:hierba del muchacho, lirios rojos, orquídea mariposa

Orchis italica
Authority:Poir., 1798
Nederlands:Italiaanse orchis
English:naked-man orchid
Deutsch:Italienisches Knabenkraut
Français:Orchis d'Italie
Italiano:orchide italiana, uomo nudo
Quercus coccifera
Authority:Linnaeus, 1753
Italiano:coccifera, embrusca, quercia coccifera, quercia de la cocciniglia,
quercia spinosa
Español:carrasca, chaparra, chaparro, coscoja, coscolla blanca, maraña, matarrubia
Orchis quadripunctata
Authority:Cirillo ex Ten., 1813
English:four-spotted orchis
Italiano:orchide a quattro punti
Himantoglossum robertianum
Authority:(Loisel.) P.Delforge, 1999
Synonyms:Barlia robertiana (Loisel.) Greuter, 1967
Orchis robertiana Loisel. 1807
English:giant orchid
Français:Orchis géant
Italiano:barlia, giglio bratteoso, imantoglosso di Robert
Español:compañón, orquídea gigante, orquídea macho, orquidón
Echium italicum
Authority:Linnaeus, 1753
English:Pale Bugloss
Italiano:viperina italiana, viperina maggiore
Anemone hortensis
Authority:Linnaeus, 1753
Italiano:anemone fior-stella
Sarcopoterium spinosum
Authority:(L.) Spach, 1846
Synonyms:Poterium spinosum Linnaeus, 1753
Español:pimpinela spinosa
Iris unguicularis
Authority:Poiret, 1789
English:Algerian Iris
Tulipa orphanidea
Synonyms:Tulipa hageri,Tulipa thracica
Trifolium uniflorum
Authority:Linnaeus, 1753
Italiano:trifoglio di Savi
Ophrys lutea
Authority:Cav., 1793
Nederlands:Gele ophrys, Gele orchis, Gele spiegelorchis
English:Yellow bee orchid
Deutsch:Gelbe Ragwurz
Svenska:Gul ofrys
Français:Ophrys jaune, Ophrys de Corse
Italiano:ofride gialla
Español:abejera amarilla, abejita amarilla, flor de abeja amarilla, hierba de la avispa,
yellow bee orchid
Ophrys scolopax
Authority:Cav., 1793
English:Woodcock orchid
Deutsch:Gehöckerte Ragwurz, Schnepfenragwurz
Français:Ophrys bécasse, Ophrys oiseau
Italiano:ofride beccaccino, ofride cornuta
Español:abejera, abejera becada, flor de abeja, flor de la araña
Ophrys fuciflora
Authority:(F.W.Schmidt) Moench, 1802
Synonyms:Arachnites fuciflorus F.W.Schmidt, 1793
Ophrys holoserica auct. mult.
English:Late Spider-orchid
Deutsch:Gewöhnliche Hummelragwurz
Français:Ophrys bourdon, Ophrys frelon
Italiano:ofride dei fuchi, ofride fior di bombo, vesparia crestata
Ophrys tenthredinifera
Authority:Willd., 1805
English:Sawfly orchid
Français:Ophrys frelon, Ophrys guêpe, Ophrys porte-scie, Ophrys à grandes fleurs
Italiano:ofride fior di vespa, vesparia barbata
Español:abejera, flor de la abeja