Natural History Photographs

One of the reasons to visit Montenegro was this location, with it alledgedly pristine forest. That sounds great, because Europe has only very few pristine forests. Earlier, I had visited Trillemarka in Norway, and this was the second opportunity. But the word 'pristine' may evoke images quite different from reality, and this was the case here as well. There is a campsite inside the park, and annoyingly many cars are driving over the dirt road we were walking on. It took a long time to get out of the forest to grassy slopes, and we couldn't make it really high. While I saw interesting plants, overall this forest wasn't as alluring as I had hoped for...
Asarum europaeum
Authority:Linnaeus, 1753
English:Asarabacca, European ginger, Hazelwort
Deutsch:Gewöhnliche Haselwurz
Français:Asaret d'Europe, Oreille d'homme
Italiano:asaro, baccara, baccaro comune, erba renella
Español:asarabaca, asaro común, asaro europeo, oreja de fraile
Campanula latifolia
Authority:Linnaeus, 1753
Nederlands:Breed klokje
English:Giant Bellflower
Deutsch:Breitblättrige Glockenblume
Français:Campanule à larges feuilles
Italiano:campanula maggiore
Melampyrum nemorosum
Authority:Linnaeus, 1753
English:blue cow-wheat, wood cow-wheat
Deutsch:blauer Ochsenweizen, Hainwachtelweizen
Svenska:lundkovall, natt och dag, svenska flaggan, svenske soldaten
Français:mélampyre de Vaud, mélampyre des bois, mélampyre violet
Italiano:melampiro azzurro, spigarola violacea
Centaurea phrygia
Authority:Linnaeus, 1753
English:wig knapweed
Deutsch:Perückenflockenblume, phrygische Flockenblume,
österreichische Flockenblume
Italiano:fiordaliso frangiata
Carduus personata
Authority:(L.) Jacq. 1776
Synonyms:Arctium personata Linnaeus, 1753
English:Great marsh thistle
Deutsch:Bergdistel, Klettendistel, Klettenringdistel
Français:Chardon bardane, Chardon fausse bardane
Italiano:cardo personata, personata
Telekia speciosa
Authority:(Schreb.) Baumg. 1817
Synonyms:Buphthalmum speciosum Schreber, 1766
Nederlands:Groot koeienoog
English:Yellow Oxeye
Deutsch:Grosses Rindsauge
Français:Télékie élégante
Italiano:erba regina maggiore
Galeopsis speciosa
Authority:Miller, 1768
English:Large-flowered hemp-nettle
Deutsch:Bunter Hohlzahn
Français:Ortie ornée, Chanvre fleuri
Italiano:canapaccia alpina, canapaccia gialla, canapetta screziata
Calystegia silvatica
Authority:(Kit.) Griseb. 1844
Synonyms:Convolvulus silvaticus Kit. 1805
English:Large Bindweed
Français:Liseron des bois, Liseron des forêts
Securigera varia
Authority:(L.) Lassen, 1989
Synonyms:Coronilla varia Linnaeus, 1753
Nederlands:Bont kroonkruid
English:Common crown vetch
Deutsch:Bunte Kronenwicke, Giftwicke
Français:Coronille bigarrée, Faucille, Herbe de saint Jean, Pied de grolle
Italiano:cornetta ginestrina, coronilla variata, coronilla variegata, erba cinestrina,
Español:coletuy, coronilla
Centaurea alba
Authority:Linnaeus, 1753
English:pale knapweed
Deutsch:weiße Flockenblume
Français:centaurée blanche
Español:calcitrapa, cardo estrellado, centaura estrellada, garbanzos del cura,
siempre nueva, trapacaballos
Cytisus hirsutus
Authority:Linnaeus, 1753
Synonyms:Chamaecytisus hirsutus (L.) Link, 1831
English:Big-flowered broom, Hairy broom, Shaggy broom
Deutsch:Behaarter Geißklee, Behaarter Zwergginster, Kopfgeißklee
Français:Cytise hérissé, Cytise à poils blancs, Petit-cytise nain
Italiano:citiso irsuto, citiso nano, citiso peloso
Lactuca pancicii
Authority:(Vis.) N. Kilian & Greuter, 2003
Synonyms:Cicerbita pancicii (Vis.) Beauverd, 2010
Mulgedium pancicii Vis. 1860
Geranium reflexum
Authority:Linnaeus, 1771
Italiano:geranio a petali riflessi