Natural History Photographs

Amstelveen, the Netherlands; 7 July 2018.
Galls of Diplolepis fructuum on Rosa spec.
Mustafapaşa (Nevşehir), Turkey; 1 May 2015.
Galls of Diplolepis mayri on Rosa spec.
Millau (Aveyron), France; 24 July 2015.
Galls of Diplolepis rosae
on Rosa spec.
Nederlands:rrozenmosgalwesp, mosgal, rozengalwesp, bedeguar
English:bedeguar gall, robin's pin cushion, mossyrose gall wasp
Ville sur Sarre (Valle d'Aosta), Italy; 28 July 2018.
Verrières (Aveyron), France; 12 - 15 July 2015.