Natural History Photographs

After a few days in Kerames, we took a full day to move to Omalós, our second destination, stopping at various locations. One of these was Episkopi beach, just north of Pirgos. The beach was not yet fully occupied by people, and I looked around for plants typical for sandy beaches.

Otanthus maritimus
Authority:(L.) Hoffmanns. & Link, 1834
Synonyms:Achillea maritima (L.) Ehrend. & Y. P. Guo, 2005
Filago maritima Linnaeus, 1753
Eryngium maritimum
Authority:Linnaeus, 1753
Nederlands:Blauwe zeedistel
Svenska:Vanlig Martorn
Italiano:calcatreppola marittima, eringo marino
Español:cardo marino, cardo maritimo
Matthiola tricuspidata
Authority:(L.) W.T. Aiton, 1812
Synonyms:Cheiranthus tricuspidatus Linnaeus, 1753
English:three-horned stock, southern stock
Français:matthiole à trois pointes, violier à fruits à trois pointes
Italiano:violaciocca selvatica
Cyperus capitatus
Authority:Vandelli, 1771
Français:souchet capité, souchet d’Egypte, souchet faux-choin
Italiano:zigolo delle spiagge
Pseudorlaya pumila
Authority:(L.) Grande, 1925
Synonyms:Caucalis pumila Linnaeus, 1759
Daucus pumilus (L.) Hoffmanns. & Link, 1834
Italiano:lappola delle spiagge