Natural History Photographs

Our first day at Yellowstone we left early in the morning heading for Yellowstone National Park. Soon after we drove onto the Grand Loop road - an 8-shaped road through the center of the park, bringing one to the must-see highlights - we 'scored' our first large mammal: a solitary Buffalo bull. Though this animal is impressive, one being able to approach it at close range takes away much of the pristine-wilderness experience one might expect from such an animal. Nevertheless, it's difficult to not stop for such an opportunity! Close by, we saw a few Cranes that I could also approach with relative ease. And then there were the beautiful blue gentians...
Antigone canadensis
Nederlands:Canadese Kraanvogel
English:Sandhill Crane
Français:Grue du Canada
Gentianopsis detonsa
Authority:(Rottb.) Ma, 1951
Synonyms:Gentianella detonsa (Rottb.) G.Don, 1837
English:fringed gentian