Natural History Photographs

When we arrived at the Lakeview Hotel & Resort near Oteševo, it was clouded and the high peaks of National Park Galičica were completely shrouded in clouds. In the morning clouds still covered the skies, and we decided to explore the lower slopes of the mountains, fully covered with Oak forrest. Matty had to bring back the car for a necessary repair on the breaks, and till this was finished Tessa and I walked slowly back to the entrance of the park. The air was humid and full of a zillion annoying little flies, continuously flying around our face... But there were nice lichens to look for, and beautiful galls on the Oaks.
Ajuga chamaepitys
Authority:(L.) Schreb. 1773
Synonyms:Teucrium chamaepitys Linnaeus, 1753
English:Ground pine, Yellow bugle
Deutsch:Gelber Günsel
Français:Bugle petit-pin, Petite ivette, Bugle jaune
Italiano:bugula, camepizio, iva artritica, ivartetica
Español:ajuga, camepiteos, camepitio, encinnilla picuda, herba felera, hierba artética,
hierba bacera, hierba de las junturas, hierba del corazón, hierba felera,
iva, iva artética, iva mayor, iva moscado, pinillo de las piedras, pinillo hueco,
pinillo oloroso, pinillo rastrero
Teucrium capitatum
Authority:Linnaeus, 1753
Italiano:camedrio polio, canutola, polio
Español:poleo montano, polio, tomillo blanco, tomillo macho, zamarilla,
zamarilla blanca
Cirsium vulgare
Authority:(Savi) Ten. 1835
Synonyms:Carduus vulgaris Savi, 1798
Italiano:cardo asinino, cardo lanceolato
Español:cardencha, cardillo, cardo borriquero, cardo burrero, cardo común,
cardo de abalorio, cardo de toro, cardo espinoso, cardo gochero, cardo hormiguero,
cardo lanceolado, cardo lechar, cardo negro, cardo silvestre, carroncha
Galls on Quercus spec. caused
Neuroterus quercusbaccarum
English:Common spangle gall
Français:cynips galle-groseille, cynips galle-lentille
Centaurea solstitialis
Authority:Linnaeus, 1753
English:St Barnaby's thistle, yellow star thistle
Deutsch:gelbe Flockenblume, Sonnenwendflockenblume, Sonnerflockenblume,
stachelige Flockenblume
Français:auriole, cardin doré, centaurée du solstice, chardon doré
Italiano:cardo stellato, fiordaliso giallo, spino giallo
Español:abremanos, abrepuño amarillo, abrepuños, abrojos, argazolla amarilla, arzolla,
cardo alazorado, cardo amarillo, cardo de Barnabé, ramón pajarero