Natural History Photographs

Gasteruptiidae is a family of highly characteristic wasps, which are kleptoparasites of mostly bees. Females lay their eggs in nest cells of bees, and on hatching the Gasteruption larva consumes the host egg and then feeds on the food store.
Amstelveen, the Netherlands;
24 May 2008.
Amstelveen, the Netherlands;
28 June 2015.
Gasteruption erythrostomum
Amstelveen, the Netherlands; 5 June 2016.

Female entering the nest of the bee, Chelostoma rapunculi (see below),
in the nest presumably ovipositing, and just after exiting the nest, grooming.
Chelostoma rapunculi
Authority:(Lepeletier, 1841)
Nederlands:Grote klokjesbij
Amstelveen, the Netherlands; 27 - 28 June 2015.

Female closing the nest entrance after having it fully provisioned.