Natural History Photographs

This relatively small plain not far away from Spili is renounced for its richness of orchids, so I had much set my mind on finding it. This turned out to be not so easy, and initially I mistook another location, also rich in orchids, for Gious Kámbos. Once we realized this, the next day, 22 April, we reoriented ourselves on the map and then found it without too much difficulties. However, that day was particularly rainy and after a few hours of rain, we had to seek shelter in Spili. The next day the weather was clearing up, and we went back to stay most of the day in this orchid walhalla. Though the area isn't large, it's so rich in orchids that's hard not to trample them! Besides the orchids, the area has more to offer in terms of plants, such as the Cretan endemics Fritillaria messanensis and Tulipa doerfleri.

The richness of this sites ask for splitting the material in several pages. It turned out that the reputation of an orchid walhalla is well-deserved. In just two days I found 20 species and 1 hybrid. Most of these species are represented in large numbers, including the many Ophrys species. Since especially these are highly attractive and highly variable, I made hundreds of photos of them, way too many to show in a single page. To give an impression of the richness of this small area, I decided to show a fair sample of the many orchid photos, organized by genus.

Non-orchid flowers Lichens

Anacamptis Neotinea Ophrys Orchis Serapias