Natural History Photographs

After a few days in southern Albania, I felt it didn't bring what I had hoped for. The heat in combination with the lack of rainfall makes for a very dry environment, much vegetation being shriveled, yellow being the dominant color of the landscape. Some hardy plants were blooming right now, and they are good attractors for insects. However, their diversity was quite low, and I didn't overly enjoy this low diversity in combination with the heat. So we decided to move north, to Theth in the Albanian Alps. Early in the morning being the best time to look around for insects, we made an early stop at Jorgucat.

Pyronia cecilia
Authority:(Vallantin, 1894)
English:Southern Gatekeeper
Français:Ocellé de la canche
Español:lobito listado
Muschampia proto
Authority:(Ochsenheimer, 1808)
English:Sage Skipper
Français:Hespérie de l'herbe-au-vent
Onopordum illyricum
English:Illyrian Thistle
Italiano:onopordo maggiore
Español:alcachofa silvestre, arrecate, cabeza de turco, cardillos, cardo borriquero,
cardo del demonio, cardos toberos