Natural History Photographs

Albania has a checkered history; the period after the second world war till 1985 the country was ruled by the communist regime under the lead of Enver Hoxha. During this period, in many places monuments were erected, often glorifying the labour of the common people. Such monuments have a certain aesthetic, although the materials used do not always make them long lasting. The monument shown here is located is a quite empty landscape, though a few cars drove by along the road during our visit of the site. It's a war memorial, aggrandizing the brave Albanian warriors - and listing those who died. On the other side of the road was a deserted factory that one day processed pebbles from the river bed. It looks like the factory was deserted overnight, as apart from the rust, it seemed as if it could start running again every moment...

Celastrina argiolus
Authority:(Linnaeus, 1758)
English:Holly Blue
Français:Azuré des nerpruns
Lycaena phlaeas
Authority:(Linnaeus, [1760])
Nederlands:kleine vuurvlinder
English:Small Copper
Deutsch:Kleiner Feuerfalter
Svenska:Mindre guldvinge
Français:Cuivré commun
Español:manto común