Natural History Photographs

After having visited Phaistos, we looped back to Kerames via a few stops. The first one was halfway Kouroutes and Fourfouras. We had lunch in some fields that seemed to have been lying fallow for some time. These field were very rich in a few orchid species, especially Anacamptis collina and Anacamptis papilionacea, and to a lesser extent Serapias spec. - but only a few others only in low numbers.
Anacamptis papilionacea
Authority:(L.) R.M.Bateman, Pridgeon & M.W.Chase, 1997
Synonyms:Orchis papilionacea Linnaeus, 1759
English:pink butterfly orchid
Deutsch:Schmetterlingsknabenkraut, schmetterlingsblütige Knabenkraut,
Français:grand orchis papillon
Italiano:cipressini, orchide a farfalla
Español:hierba del muchacho, lirios rojos, orquídea mariposa
Anacamptis collina
Authority:(Banks & Sol. ex Russell) R.M.Bateman, Pridgeon & M.W.Chase, 1997
Synonyms:Orchis collina Banks & Sol. 1794
English:fan-lipped orchid
Français:orchis des collines, orchis à bourse, orchis à sac
Italiano:orchide a sacco
Español:orquídea pobre, orquidilla
Serapias lingua
Authority:Linnaeus, 1753
English:greater tongue orchid, tongue helleborine, tongue-flowered orchid
Français:elléborine à languette, sérapias à langue, sérapias à languette
Italiano:satirio incapucciato, serapide lingua