Natural History Photographs

For the last five full days we stayed at a charming local guesthouse, which provided all we needed: a room and shower, food and beer. The hospitality was amazing, and all food was taken from the local garden, milk and butter from the single cow. All in all, this was a lovely place to stay and we greatly enjoyed the friendly environment!

The photos shown here give an impression about the guesthouse and its immediate environment.

Luciola cf. lusitanica

After dinner on the 14th of July, still sitting on the dining table outside, I thought I saw short green flashes, but wasn't too sure because of the short duration - the fireflies I had seen till now were glowing in the dark for a prolonged time. But when I captured one firefly I immediately recognized as a male Lampyrid beetle. The males send out short pulses of light, with seconds in between pulses. This gave the meadow below the guesthouse a magic appearance, with bright green lights flashing on and off...
Euscorpius cf. hadzii

After I had photographed the fireflies flying around the guesthouse, I went to my room. When I switched on the light, I noticed a dark animal sitting on the white wall, and immediately recognized it as a scorpion. I was enthralled, as I had never seen a scorpion before, and this one came for free! I have to admit that I experienced sleeping differently after the serendipitous encounter, but I wasn't particularly worried. Later I learned that this species is completely harmless, and that I had rightly trusted my gut instincts.

Achillea crithmifolia
Deutsch:Meerfenchelblättrige Schafgarbe
Français:Achillée à feuilles de criste marine
Ptilostemon afer
Synonyms:Carduus afer, Chamaepeuce afra, Cirsium afrum, Cnicus afer