Natural History Photographs

From West Yellowstone, we took the West entrance road into the park every day. This road winds its way through the impressive remains of the old caldera, clad in pine forests and open meadows along the Madison River. After half an hour or so of driving, one arrives at Madison Junction, where one can turn left to the north or right to the south. We mostly went south, in the direction of the highest concentrations of geothermic activity. Between the entrance of the park and the first geothermic sites, there is always a chance to see some interesting animals. If these are big mammals, they tend to lead to traffic jams. But often enough, one can park on the shoulder of the road and try to capture some views -and photos- of the animals. Here I report of some of our observations around Madison Junction.
Branta canadensis
Nederlands:Grote Canadese Gans
English:Canada Goose
Français:Bernache du Canada