Natural History Photographs

The first stop during out stay in the states, in the desert around Las Vegas. The weather was fully in accordance with the environment: despite the early time of the day, the heat already became pressing and the sun was burning fiercely. But, I had set my mind on finding cacti in the wild, and this seemed to be a promising area. Nevertheless, I didn't find them here; but I did find some species of the very rich American plant genus Eriogonum, among which the highly characteristic desert trumpet, Eriogonum inflatum. With its inflated stems this characteristic plant is difficult to miss.

Eriogonum inflatum
Authority:Torrey, 1845
English:desert trumpet, bladderstem, Indian pipe-weed
Eriogonum deflexum
Authority:Torrey, 1861
English:flat-crown buckwheat, flat-top buckwheat, skeletonweed
Halogeton glomeratus
Authority:(M.Bieb.) Ledeb. 1829
Synonyms:Anabasis glomerata M.Bieb. 1808