Natural History Photographs

On our journey from south to north Albania along the coast, we drove through Porto Palermo. Just before we reached this town, we drove along a mountain side full of flowering Agave, quite a spectacular sight. Since these plants only flower after many years (10 - 30), their flowering together on this location seems likely to have been synchronized by some environmental stimulus; but which one remains elusive.
Agave americana
Synonyms:Agave picta
English:Century plant
Français:Agave d'Amérique
Italiano:agave, agave americana, pitta
Español:acíbara, ágave, cabuyá, cardón, cimbara, donarda, javila, maguey, pita, pitaca,
pita común, pitón, zábila
Platyceps najadum
Nederlands:slanke toornslang
English:Dahl's whip snake