Natural History Photographs

Parmeliopsis ambigua
English:Green Starburst lichen
Deutsch:Wechselhafte Napfflechte
Norsk:gul stokklav
Fagne de Brackvenn, Belgium; 30 May - 1 June 2014.
Vøringfossen (Hordaland), Norway; 30 July 2016.
Veggli (Buskerud), Norway; 31 July 2016.

These two photos show an ambiguous image - how apt for Parmeliopsis ambigua! Both might show a single thallus; but if so, part of the thallus is deficient in usnic acid, leading to the grey coloration. The alternative interpretation is that the thalli are composite; the greenish part then is Parmeliopsis ambigua, the grey part Parmeliopsis hyperota (see below). Sadly, I didn't sample them as I didn't realize how strange these thalli are till I was already back in the Netherlands...

Parmeliopsis esorediata
Veggli (Buskerud), Norway; 30 July 2016.
Parmeliopsis hyperopta
Nederlands:Bleek avocadomos
English:Grey Starburst lichen
Deutsch:Übersehene Napfflechte
Norsk:grå stokklav
Veggli (Buskerud), Norway; 30 - 31 July 2016.