Natural History Photographs

After our visit to the National Park Galičica, and with two days to go, we decided heading for another national park, Pelister National Park, North-East of the Prespa lake. The tarmac road soon gave way to a dirt road, and after a while Matty decided it was best not to continue, so from there we walked. However, we never managed to get out of the forest, and since the underground was quite acidic, diversity was fairly low and I found this visit rather disappointing.
Erebia euryale
Authority:(Esper, 1805)
English:Large Ringlet
Deutsch:Weißbindiger Bergwald-Mohrenfalter
Français:Moiré frange-pie
Español:erebia ajedrezada
Euonymus latifolius
Authority:(L.) Mill. 1768
Synonyms:Euonymus europaeus var. latifolius Linnaeus, 1753
Nederlands:Brede kardinaalsmuts, Breedbladige kardinaalsmuts
English:Large-leaved spindle, Alpine spindle
Deutsch:Breitblättrige Pfaffenhütchen
Svenska:Storbladig benved
Français:Fusain à larges feuilles
Italiano:evonimo a foglie larghe, fusaria maggiore
Español:bonetero de Cazorla
Doronicum austriacum
Authority:Jacquin, 1774
Deutsch:Österreichische Gämswurz
Français:Doronic d'Autriche
Italiano:doronico austriaco
Galls of Mayetiola graminis
on stems of
Poa spec.
Nederlands:Scheidingsgalmug, scheidingsgalletje
Sedum cepaea
Authority:Linnaeus, 1753
Nederlands:omgebogen vetkruid
English:pink stonecrop
Deutsch:Rispenfetthenne, rispiges Fettkraut
Français:orpin paniculé, orpin pourpier
Italiano:borracina cepea, erba dell'Ascenzione