Natural History Photographs

After having found Gious Kámbos with its richness of orchids, and other places rich in orchids as well, we still had one day left in Kerames, and I thought it were time for a little drip of culture; so we headed toward the ruins of the ancient city Phaistos, the second largest city of Minoan Crete. On the road to Phaistos, we stopped to look for plants.

Authority:Martinov, 1820
Synonyms:Labiatae Jussie, 1789
English:deadnettle family, mint family
Salvia fruticosa
Authority:Miller, 1768
Italiano:salvia triloba
Español:salvia doméstica, salvia larga, salvia mayor
The galls are caused by the Cynipid wasp, Rhodus cyprius.
Allium nigrum
Authority:Linnaeus, 1762
English:Broad-leaved Leek
Deutsch:Schwarzer Lauch
Français:Ail noir
Italiano:aglio di serpe, aglio maggiore
Español:ajo de España, ajo lirio, ajo negro, ajo pinto, ajo porro, ajo silvestre,
suspiros de España
Allium cf.
Authority:Linnaeus, 1753
Nederlands:Harige look
English:Hairy Garlic
Italiano:aglio pelosetto
Español:tabaraste, tabaraste dulce, tarabaste
Convolvulus althaeoides
Authority:Linnaeus, 1753
English:Mallow-leaved Bindweed
Italiano:vilucchio rosso
Español:campanilla de Canarias, campanilla rosa, correguela de hojas partidas,
corregüela rosa
Thymelaea hirsuta
Authority:(L.) Endl. 1848
Synonyms:Passerina hirsuta Linnaeus, 1753
Italiano:linaria, spazzaforno, thimelea, timelea barbosa
Español:boalaga, boja marina, bufalaga, bufalaga marina, gallinassa, matapollo,
moc de gall, mogregall, palma marina, palmerina, probayernos