Natural History Photographs

On our way from Barcelona to Casa Mur, where we would stay the whole weak, we visited two locations, Alquézar being the second one. Alquézar is a beautifully resored medieval village, making it a favorite tourist attraction. From within the village you can enter a gorge along a sometimes quite slippery trail, but it is well-maintained and leads you along the cliffs of the gorge via metal footbridges. This has its pros and cons. On the plus side, one can see various chasmofytes at close range; on the down side, since space is limited and the trail is busy, it's not easy to take your time for making photos...
Coris monspeliensis
Authority:Linnaeus, 1753
Deutsch:Stachelträubchen, violette Erdkiefer
Français:coris de Montpellier
Español:consuelda de peñas, coris, hierba de los chinches, hierba pincel,
pelusilla púrpura, periquillo, soldadora, tomillo real
Silene pardoi guarensis
Authority:Pau, 1927
Synonyms:Silene pardoi (Pau) Mayol & Rosselló, 1999
Sarcocapnos enneaphylla
Authority:(L.) DC. 1821
Synonyms:Fumaria enneaphylla Linnaeus, 1753
Nederlands:Pyreneese helmbloem
Deutsch:Neunblättriger Fleischrauch, Neunblättriger Dicksporn
Français:Sarcocapnos à neuf folioles
Español:hierba de Lucía, zapatitos de la Virgen
Aristolochia pistolochia
Authority:Linnaeus, 1753
Italiano:aristolochia pistolochia, pistolochia
Español:aristoloquia, aristoloquia menor, aristoloquia tenue, pistoloquia