Natural History Photographs

The blue eye of Theth is a circular waterbody, which has been sculpted by the force of the water of a small river emptying in it. The perception of an eye is, I think, much in the eye of the beholder...

Anthericum ramosum
Synonyms:Phalangium ramosum
Nederlands:Vertakte graslelie
English:Branched St Bernard's-lily
Deutsch:Ästige Graslilie
Svenska:Liten Sandlilja
Français:Anthéric rameux
Italiano:lilioasfodelo minore
Español:flor de araña
Heliosperma macranthum
Authority:Pančić, 1875
Synonyms:Silene macrantha (Pancic) H.Neumayer, 1918
Pinguicula hirtiflora
Italiano:erba-unta amalfitana
Eupholidoptera schmidti
Species-level identification in part based on locality.
Epipactis palustris
Authority:(L.) Crantz, 1769
Synonyms:Serapias helleborine var. palustris L., 1753
English:Marsh Helleborine
Français:Epipactis des marais
Italiano:elleborine palustre
Español:heleborina de las ciénagas, heleborina de los pantanos,
orquídea de los pantanos