Natural History Photographs

The alpine meadows of Mavrovo National Park are quite extensive, and we drove on to find out whether there were other hidden treasures. But the landscpae changed little, and in the end we had to return in the late afternoon as we had arrived, since the navigation software got really confused in the middle of the meadows.
Asperula aristata
Authority:L.f. 1782
Deutsch:Grannen-Waldmeister, Grannenmeier
Français:Aspérule aristée
Italiano:asperula aristata, stellina a tubo allongato
Español:asperilla, hierba tosquera
Sedum ochroleucum
Authority:Chaix, 1786
Synonyms:Petrosedum ochroleucum (Chaix) Niederle, 2014
English:creamy stonecrop
Deutsch:blaßgelber Mauerpfeffer, ockergelbe Fetthenne
Français:orpin à pétales blanc jaunâtre, orpin à pétales dressées, orpin à pétales droits,
orpin à pétales jaune pâle, sédum à pétales droits
Italiano:borracina biancastra