Natural History Photographs

Since I picked up a penchant for lichens in spring 2013, I have enjoyed the excursions of the BLWG, the Dutch Society for Bryology and Lichenology. Every second year this society organizes a summercamp. In 2016, this was planned in early summer in Sweden, on the island Öland. The announcement sounded very inviting, and the likelihood of a rich bounty of lichens, mosses and flowering plants convinced me to participate.

Together with Maaike Vervoort, Andre Aptroot and Henk SiebelI flew to Linköping, where we hired a car. On Friday 10 June we drove to our destination at Öland, the camping Stenåsabadets. From 11 till 18 June, every day we had an excursion to various parts of the island, looking for lichens, but also plants and even some insects. These pages give a condensed overview of the nature we experienced, with an emphasis on lichens. For the (sometimes tentative) identification of most lichens, I gratefully acknowledge the indispensable help of Andre Aptroot. Many of the lichens were spotted first by Maaike Vervoort.

To get an overview of the landscape and nature at the various sites, click on the stars.