Natural History Photographs

Arguably the most spectacular European orchid is the Lady's slipper orchid. While it is widely distributed across Eurasia, it has become rare in many parts of its geographic distribution. In the Pyrenees the species reaches its southern limit of distribution, and it is found only in a few places. One of these is amazingly easy to find though! Near Formigal the species grows next to the road, and from a nearby small parking place a guide shows you the plants. Sadly, this is all to necesary for protecting this spectacular plant.
Cypripedium calceolus
Authority:Linnaeus, 1753
English:lady's slipper orchid
Deutsch:gelber Frauenschuh, Marienfrauenschuh
Français:cypripède sabot, pantoufle de Notre-Dame, sabot de Vénus,
soulier de la Vierge
Italiano:pianelle delle Madonna
Español:chapín, zapaticos de la Virgen, zueco