Natural History Photographs

Göksü (24-25 April) Near Başyayia (26 April)
Halfway Bozkir and Akseki (27 - 29 April) Cappadocia (30 April - 1 May)

This was my second trip to Turkey in spring. While in 2014 I traveled with a small group of birders, this time Matty was my only travel companion (and guide, and travel organizer, and 'wind breaker', etc.). I aimed for both early insects and lichens, which is reflected in the locations we visited. The first two days we spend in Tasucu, near the Göksü delta, in the hope to find lots of early insects. This turned out to be less successful than I had hoped for, and the focus shifted somewhat towards plants. The second part of the trip focused on Akseki, which in 2014 was such a pleasant surprise for lichens. We ended the trip in Cappadocia, for its landscapes but also hoping for rich lichen grounds.

For the (sometimes tentative) identification of most lichens, I gratefully acknowledge the indispensable help of Andre Aptroot.

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