Natural History Photographs

French Jura

Mesnois and surroundings

12 - 24 July 2009
Wasps & Bees

Abia fasciata

Tenthredo notha   (syn. arcuata)

Tenthredo spec.
Feeding at Cantharis spec.

Tenthredo livida

Eurytoma spec.

Amblyjoppa fuscipennis

Ichneumon sarcitorius

Andrena flavipes
Female feeding at Cichorium intybus

Halictus spec.


Bombus cf. humilis
Bombus humilis and pascuorum are difficult to identify with certainty...

Hylaeus cf. signatus
Identification based on visiting Reseda spec.

Hylaeus spec.

Osmia cf. leaiana

Isodontia mexicana
Originally this digger wasp was endemic to North America,
but since its introduction in southern France around 1960,
the species is expanding its range northward.

Eumenes spec.

Polistes dominulus
Male, with characteristic yellow face.
Female heavily infected with the Strepsipteran parasite, Xenos vesparum.