Natural History Photographs

the Netherlands: spring 2009
Wasps & Bees

Andrena bicolor
Amstelveen, 21 March 2009. Male feeding at Coltsfood (Tussilago farfara).

cf. subopaca
cf. calceatum
Amstelveen, 21 March 2009.
Females feeding at Coltsfood (Tussilago farfara).

Osmia rufa
Amstelveen, 21 & 22 March 2009.
Male feeding at Coltsfood (Tussilago farfara).

Andrena fulva
Amstelveen, 31 March 2009. Male feeding at Willow catkins (Salix spec).

Andrena flavipes
Amstelveen, 1 April 2009.
Left, male feeding at Erophila verna; right, female feeding at Salix spec.

Andrena praecox
Amstelveen, 1 April 2009.
Female resting at branch of willow, Salix spec.

Colletes cunicularius
Amstelveen, 1 April 2009.

I first saw a few females of this species in 2008. This spring they were much more numerous, and both males and females were present - as shown by this copulating pair.

copulation, mating
Sphecodes albilabris
Amstelveen, 1 April 2009.

This species is a cuckoo-bee of Colletes cunicularius above. What amazes me is that one year after I first saw C. cunicularius here, several females of its cuckoo-bee were already present. This suggests that last years brood was already parasitized; which in turn suggests that both species arrived almost simultaneously. Since the source population may well be 20 km away, I find this surprising.

Amauronematus spec.
Amsterdamse bos, 3 April 2009.
Female feeding at willow (Salix spec.).
Andrena fulva
Amstelveen, 3 April 2009.
Female feeding at Sloe (Prunus spinosa).
Dolerus cf. nigratus
Amstelveen, 5 April 2009.
right, feeding at willow (Salix spec.).
Chalcidoidea: Perilampus spec.
Amsterdamse bos, 5 April 2009.
Andrena nitida
Amstelveen, 5 April 2009. Male.
Nomada spec.
Amstelveen, 13 April 2009.
Aglaostigma aucupariae
Amstelveen, 13 April 2009.
Nematus spec.
Amstelveen, 13 April 2009.
subfam. Anomaloninae
Amstelveen, 13 April 2009.
Andrena ventralis
Amstelveen, 18 April 2009. Female.
Andrena barbilabris & Leucophora spec.
Amstelveen, 18 April 2009. Female.
A. barbilabris Nomada alboguttata
Amstelveen, 18 April 2009.
Andrena spec. & Steatoda spec.
Amsterdamse Waterleidingduinen, 19 April 2009.

Male bee caught in web of spider. The bee ferociously defended itself, and scared the spider away. But this was a Pyrrhus victory, as the bee couldn't free itself from the web...
Pamphilius cf. vafer
Amsterdamse Waterleidingduinen, 19 April 2009.
Bottom left, male; others, female. Right, ovipositing female.
Nonada alboguttata
Amstelveen, 21 April 2009.
Tenthredo campestris
Amstelveen, 25 April 2009. Very lightly colored specimen.
Notice completely yellow legs, rather unusual in this species.
Tenthredo temula
Amstelveen, 25 April 2009.
Pamphilius cf. marginatus Pamphilius spec.
Amstelveen, 30 April 2009. Amstelveen, 25 April 2009.
Abia fasciata
Amstelveen, 29 April 2009.
Dolerus germanicus
Amstelveen, 29 April 2009. Female ovipositing at Equisetum arvense
Craesus septentrionalis
Amstelveen, 30 April 2009.
cf Pontania spec.
Amstelveen, 1 May 2009.
Eriocampa ovata
Amstelveense Poel, 1 May 2009.
Arge cf. ciliaris
Amstelveense Poel, 1 May 2009.
Tenthredo atra
Bloesembos (Amstelveen), 1 May 2009.
Eutomostethus ephippium
Bloesembos (Amstelveen), 1 May 2009.
Tenthredopsis spec.
Amstelveen, 16 May 2009.
Cephus pygmeus
Amstelveen, 16 May 2009.
Crabro peltarius
Amstelveen, 16 & 23 May 2009. Males.
Trypoxylon spec.
Amstelveen, 28 May 2009.