Natural History Photographs

Muğla, Turkey
Karadere: Özlen river
6 - 16 June 2009

Mauremys caspica
unidentified shrimp Vespa orientalis
Potamon spec.
The fish on the left photo is Gambusia holbrooki
Pelophylax cf. ridibundus

Cicindela concolor

Sceliphron destillatorium
Female collecting mud for nest construction.
Scolia spec.

Males awakening at dawn, after sleeping gregariously in flowerheads of a Rush at the bank of the river. During most of the day, males were continuously chasing each other at a small patch of land with very short vegetation. The rushes the males slept in were bordering this small patch.

Bembix oculata
Females digging nest holes in heap of sand for building purposes.

Platycnemis pennipes
Ceriagrion georgifreyi
Libellula fulva
Trithemis annulata

Argiope bruennichi
Argiope spec.

Stenopogon spec.