Natural History Photographs

Patara (Antalya), Turkey
13 & 15 June 2012

Patara is a small touristic village, close to the remains of an ancient city Patara of the Lycian people. Although the archeological remains are certainly worth a visit, I was mainly attracted by the extensive dune area, a 20 km beach/dune area from Karadere to Patara. The dunes acutally overlay rocks, so the vertical dimension is staggering.

Bubopsis spec. Ligyra cf ferrea

Campsomeriella thoracica

Colpa sexmaculata Colletes hylaeiformis

Halictus cf scabiosae

Philanthus venustus Crabronidae

Bembix olivacaea

Stizoides melanopterus

Stizus spec.

Phthiria spec. Kirinia roxelana

Conops elegans

Rhyncomyia spec.

Orthetrum spec - Hirmoneura cf. obscura

Sympetrum sanguineum

Selysiothemis nigra