Natural History Photographs

Crete, Greece
West of Omalós
27 April 2017

In the early morning we drove to the west of Omalós, and not far away made our first stop to explore the wood fringe next to the road. I found an endemic Arum as well as many beautifully developed lichens, growing on the trunks and branches of Cypress and Cretan maple (Acer sempervirens).

Arum idaeum

Cupressus sempervirens

Lichen communities

Ramalina fraxinea

Nephroma spec. Pectenia plumbea

Ochrolechia spec.

Parmelina tiliacea

Physcia biziana Pertusaria spp.
Pertusaria spp.

Physconia & Pleurosticta Pleurosticta acetabulum