Natural History Photographs

Crete, Greece
Halfway Agia triada and Phaistos
24 April 2017

After having found Gious Kámbos with its richniss of orchids, and other places rich in orchids as well, we still had one day left in Kerames, and I thought it were time for a little drip of culture; so we headed toward the ruins of the ancient city Phaistos, the second largest city of Minoan Crete. On the road to Phaistos, we stopped to look for plants.


Salvia fruticosa
The galls are caused by the Cynipid wasp, Rhodus cyprius. Source.

Allium nigrum

Allium cf.

Serapias spec.

Nomada spec. Megachile sicula

Coleoptera Convolvulus althaeoides

Thymelaea hirsuta

Ebenus cretica