Natural History Photographs

Our second day at Yellowstone we headed toward Mammoth hot springs, one of the iconic highlights of the park. Despite some delay due to road work, we arrived in the early morning. It took some time before we found one of the 'hot spots' of the area, but once there, it was really difficult to stop making photos, such is the exuberant beauty of the travertine landscape. On top of this, we found the caterpillars of Papilio spec., the different instars showing different ways of avoiding attack. Finally, after lunch I explored a flowery hillside for flies and butterflies. On our way to Yellowstone's Canyon Narrows, we spotted a male Pronghorn antelope!
Castilleja minor
Authority:(A.Gray) A.Gray, 1876
Synonyms:Castilleja affinis var. minor A.Gray, 1858
English:smallflower Indian paintbrush, lesser Indian paintbrush
Polanisia dodecandra
Authority:(L.) DC. 1824
Synonyms:Cleome dodecandra Linnaeus, 1763
English:rough-seed clammyweed
Linaria dalmatica
Authority:(L.) Mill. 1768
Synonyms:Antirrhinum dalmaticum Linnaeus, 1753
English:Balkan Toadflax