Natural History Photographs

After our extend visit to Mammoths springs, we drove back via the Grand loop road section that nearly touches the Yellowstone river. We stopped at two locations, first at The Narrows, and then close to Mount Washburn. The Narrows gave beautiful views on a through-and-through volcanic landscape, while at Mount Washburn I found some late-flowering plants.

Letharia vulpina & Usnea spec.
Mimulus lewisii
Authority:Pursh, 1813
Synonyms:Erythranthe lewisii (Pursh) G.L.Nesom & N.S.Fraga, 2012
Potentilla arguta
Authority:Pursh, 1814
Synonyms:Drymocallis arguta (Pursh) Rydb. 1898
English:tall cinquefoil, white cinquefoil
Castilleja rhexifolia
Authority:Rydberg, 1900
English:splitleaf Indian paintbrush