Natural History Photographs

Panurgus banksianus
Authority:(Kirby, 1802)
Nederlands:Grote roetbij
English:Large shaggy bee
Deutsch:Große Zottelbiene
Nieuw Bussumerheide, the Netherlands; 6 June 2007.
Feeding at Hypochaeris radicata.
Dagro (Tessin, altitude ca. 1400 m), Switzerland; 17 July 2007.
Males continuously harassing each other
Panurgus cf. calcaratus
Authority:(Scopoli, 1763)
Nederlands:Kleine roetbij
English:Small shaggy bee
Deutsch:Stumpfzähnige Zottelbiene
Malvaglia (Tessin, altitude ca. 300 m), Switzerland; 16 July 2007.
Species identification based on size and locality.