Natural History Photographs

After our somewhat disappointing visit to Biogradska forest, at the end of the day we briefly explored options around Kolašin, leading us to Vranjak. Here we observed major construction work ongoing, possibly for a highway to replace the dangerous two-lane road that brought us to Mojkovac. Beyond Kolašin we drove through Vranjak, to look for options to get higher into the mountains. We noticed a ski lift, and when we returned the morning of the following day, we could take this ski lift to much higher in the mountains. The alpine meadow provided a rich offering on interesting plants, so it was a bit disappointing that early thunderstorms ended our visit prematurely.
Erebia ottomana
Authority:Herrich-Schäffer, 1847
English:Ottoman brassy ringlet
Français:Moiré ottoman
Gentiana utriculosa
Authority:Linnaeus, 1753
English:Bladder gentian
Deutsch:Aufgeblasener Enzian, Schlauchenzian
Français:Gentiane à calice renflé
Italiano:genziana a calice rigonfio, genziana alata
Parnassius mnemosyne
Authority:(Linnaeus, 1758)
Nederlands:Zwarte apollovlinder
English:Clouded Apollo
Deutsch:Schwarzer Apollo
Podospermum roseum
Authority:(Waldst. & Kit.) Gemeinholzer & Greuter, 2006
Synonyms:Scorzonera rosea Waldst. & Kit. 1802
English:pink vipergrass
Deutsch:rosenrote Schwarzwurzel
Français:scorsonère rose
Italiano:scorzonera rosea
Linum capitatum
Authority:Kit. ex Schult. 1814
English:Yellow Balkan flax
Italiano:lino capitato
Pilosella guthnikiana
Authority:(Hegetschw.) Soják, 1972
Synonyms:Hieracium guthnikianum Hegetschw. 1840
Achillea lingulata
Synonyms:Ptarmica lingulata
Pedicularis verticillata
Authority:Linnaeus, 1753
English:whorled lousewort
Deutsch:Quirlblättriges Läusekraut
Français:Pédiculaire verticillée
Italiano:pedicolare a foglie verticillate
Potentilla aurea
Authority:Linnaeus, 1756
English:Golden cinquefoil
Français:Potentille dorée
Italiano:cinquefoglie fior d'oro
Armeria canescens
Authority:(Host) Boiss. 1848
Synonyms:Statice canescens Host, 1827
Italiano:spillone biancastro
Silene pusilla
Authority:Waldst. & Kit. 1812
Deutsch:Vierzähniger Strahlensame
Français:Silène miniature, Silène à quatre dents
Italiano:silene delle fonti
Achillea clavennae
Authority:Linnaeus, 1753
English:silvery milfoil
Deutsch:Bittere Schafgarbe, Steinraute, Weißer Speik
Français:Achillée amère, Achillée de Clavena
Italiano:millefoglio di Clavena
Coenonympha rhodopensis
Authority:Elwes, 1900
English:Eastern Large Heath
Lycaena hippothoe
Authority:(Linnaeus, [1760])
Synonyms:Palaeochrysophanus hippothoe
Nederlands:rode vuurvlinder
English:Purple Edged Copper
Français:Cuivré écarlate
Español:manto cobrizo
Sempervivum heuffelii
Authority:Schott, 1852
English:Job's beard
Sempervivum marmoreum
Synonyms:Sempervivum ballsii,Sempervivum erythraeum
Plantago atrata
Authority:Hoppe, 1799
English:dark plantain
Français:plantain noirâtre