Natural History Photographs

From San Juan de la Peña we went in the general direction of Jaca, a town I have good memories about dating back to 1980...quite a while ago. The road winds throug very attractive mountainous landscapes, and I felt compelled to make some additional short stops to look around for plants.

Pines trees often ooze resin, which may trap small animals. In due time the resin may turn into amber, and if this is translucent, one can see the caught animals in excuisite detail. On one pine tree, I found an ant caught in oozing resin, shown in the following photos. Who knows it might ever turn into a fossil caught in amber...
Catananche caerulea
Authority:Linnaeus, 1753
Italiano:cupidone azzurro
Español:azulejo noble, hierba cupido, hierba del amor
Scorzonera angustifolia
Authority:Linnaeus, 1753
Español:barbajas, escorzonera de hoja estrecha, tetas de vaca, tetillas de vaca
Thalictrum tuberosum
Authority:Linnaeus, 1753
Français:pigamon tubéreux
Arctostaphylos uva-ursi
Authority:(L.) Spreng. 1825
Synonyms:Arbutus uva-ursi Linnaeus, 1753
Deutsch:Immergrüne Bärentraube
Français:Raisin d'ours commun
Italiano:sommacco di Russia, uva d'orso, uva orsina, uva ursina
Español:aguarilla, aguavilla, bujarola, galluva, gayuba, gayuvera, gayuvilla,
manzanicas de pastor, uva de oso, uvaduz
Teucrium pyrenaicum guarensis
Authority:Linnaeus, 1753
English:Pyrenean germander
Français:Germandrée des Pyrénées, Germandrée rampante
Español:angelitos, hierba gatera, teucrio pirenaico
Melittis melissophyllum
Authority:Linnaeus, 1753
English:wood bastard balm
Deutsch:Bastardmelisse, Immenblatt, Melissenimmenblatt, Waldmelisse
Français:herbe sacrée, herbe sainte, mélisse de Tragus, mélisse punaise, mélissière,
Italiano:bocca di lupo, erba limona comune, melino
Español:melisa bastarda, melisa de campo, melisa silvestre, tolonjina, toronjil,
toronjil de campo, toronjil de monte, toronjil silvestre, toronjín
Ophrys scolopax
Authority:Cav., 1793
English:Woodcock orchid
Deutsch:Gehöckerte Ragwurz, Schnepfenragwurz
Français:Ophrys bécasse, Ophrys oiseau
Italiano:ofride beccaccino, ofride cornuta
Español:abejera, abejera becada, flor de abeja, flor de la araña