Natural History Photographs

After our short stop in Santa Cruz de la Serós, we moved to the famous monastery San Juan de la Peña. We first drove to the new monastry, which is surrounded by Pine forest. While it had stopped raining, it was still very foggy, giving a somewhat spooky atmosphere to the forest. The Pine trees are richly covered in lichens, and because of the rain and fog these were looking very lively. I spent quite some time on enjoying the lichen richness, even if I didn't see any unknown species. Maurits had a quick look at the new monastery, but he wasn't impressed by what is on display. Later we briefly looked at the old monastry, primarily because I had spotted one of the local Silene species, which have an extremely limited distribution.

The new monastery is surrounded by Pine forest, but when I walked into that forest is soon gave way to Oak forest. The Oak trunks were abundantly ornamented with lichens, and even thogh I didn't see any rare species, the rich abundance of lichens was mind blowing. In a few clearings I found some flowers, presented here separately.
Plants Lichens