Natural History Photographs

During my searches for all kinds of living organisms, I regularly was struck by aspects of the geological theater in which the play of life unfolds. Gradually, I developed an appetite to also explore this theatre, in addition to the play. These pages give an overview of various aspects of the geological settings I came across in my quest for capturing the diversity of life.

There is a natural, non-arbitrary way to organize the diversity of life, provided by evolutionary history. The classification we use, and which I aim to follow in this website, reflects our understanding of the evolutionary history of life. Such a non-arbitrary ground for organizing knowledge is absence in the geological sciences. However, some concepts are so fundamental, that they may still serve as a strong organizing principle. In these pages, I have organized the material according to the rock cycle. The rock cycle weaves together many essential concepts in geology, and thus serves me very well in organizing my photos of geological phenomena.

I gratefully acknowledge the geological knowledge of Anco Lankreijer, who inspired me to expand my adventures into the realm of the Earth sciences.

The rock cycle

In the diagrammatic representation of the rock cycle below, various aspects are caught in rectangles. If you move your cursor over any of these, you can select the pages that deal with the aspects in the rectangles.