Natural History Photographs

October 2007 I visited La Trobe University in Melbourne. Fortunately, I had some spare time to look into local wildlife, and to photograph some of it. Before showing some of the results, I would like to thank Geoff and Lindsay Cumming who brought me to Anglesea and showed me its wonderful wildlife! Without their hospitality there would have been little to show... Many thanks!

Furthermore, I gratefully acknowledge the help of Margaret MacDonald, who identified all plants from Anglesea. She's member of ANGAIR, Anglesea, Aireys Inlet Society for the Protection of Flora and Fauna. Finally, I would like to thank Susan Walter, Christine Lambkin, Susan Wright and Martin Hauser for providing IDs for the insects.

A cautionary note on naming

Since I was only a first time visitor to Australia, and had no access to books, I heavily rely on others for identifying the plants and insects shown here. I much appreciate their input, but my informants warned me to be cautious about some of the ID's they provided. They only saw my photographs, with little information on size, where the photo is taken, what the soil is like, what the other vegetation is like etc. Some of the ID's may therefore be incorrect. Also, most Flora and Fauna in Australia are being reclassified, so sometimes the names given here may be old ones.

Anglesea river Anglesea outlook area
Angahook Lorne State Park Melbourne