Natural History Photographs

This year's family vacation was to the Italian Alps, in the North-Western tip of the country. Our holiday home was in Ville sur Sarre, halfway up steep mountain slopes. This meant warm but not too warm daily temperatures, much more moderate than in Aosta, the largest town nearby. It also meant having to go down the zigzag way for half an hour every time we wanted to go somewhere else! To avoid the heat of the lower valleys, we mostly drove deep into the various valleys leading to the central valley of the river Fiume Dora Bàltea, as well as to two San Bernardo passes, at the borders with Switzerland and France.

The map allows you to navigate to the sites we visited in Valle d'Aosta. To get an overview of the landscape and nature at the various sites, hover your cursor over the pins, then click any of the stars that will appear. The rectangle links through to a more detailed map of the area around Ville sur Sarre, our temporary pied-à-terre.