Natural History Photographs

Last year the family holiday was to Aosta, but due to car problems my wife Karen had lost her appetite for a similar holiday this year. Luckily I could still go somewhere with Matty, and I wanted to visit the Biogradska forest, widely know as one of the very few 'pristine' forests in Europe. My daughter Tessa was happy to join, and so the three of us went on a two-week trip to the Balkan, with Tirana as start and end point. From Tirana we drove to Montenegro, where we stayed at an hotel in Mojkovac. We then drove in the direction of Plav where we stayed two more nights in Montenegro. Via Kosovo we approached North Macedonia, where we stayed two nights nights in the marvellous hotel House of the Miyaks, to conclude our trip at the shore of the Prespa lake to visit the Galičica park between the Prespa lake and the Ohrid lake. On the 2nd of August we returned to Tirana for our flight to Amsterdam.

The map allows you to navigate to the sites we visited during our trip. To get an impression of what we saw at the various sites, hover your cursor over the pins. Either a star appears or one of the shaded rectangles may become activated; clicking a star links you to a page with an impression about that location, clicking the rectangle links you to a more detailed map.