Natural History Photographs

In the previous year, our family holiday was located in the Cevennes, southern France. After this rather warm holiday, we planned again a trip to a cooler area: Norway. Since touristic highlights are not very concentrated, we decided to choose for three locations, where we would stay roughly a week each. The locations were Eresfjord, a few hours driving south of the airport of Trondheim; a farmhouse close to the hamlet Brekkhus (Hordaland); and a holiday house in a skiing resort near Veggli (Buskerud). From these locations, we made daily trips to experience the landscape, stave churches, and - inevitably - lichens, mosses, plants, and even a few insects.

For the identification of many lichens I am especially indebted to Einar Timdal and Andre Aptroot. Panorama photos and some landscapes are by Karen Karsten.

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