Natural History Photographs

For two weeks end July-early August 2018, we stayed in a holiday home in the village Ville sur Sarre. From here, we planned to visit various places in the region. Sadly, we had to deal with a car problem, which took a few days to get resolved. During this time, we were more or less bound to the area surrounding the holiday home, so I explored this environment somewhat more thoroughly than planned. I therefore organize the material from around Ville sur Sarre via a more detailed map below.

This map allows you to navigate to the sites I visited around our holiday home, situated in Ville sur Sarre. To get an overview of the landscape and nature at the various sites, hover your cursor over the pins, then click any of the stars that will appear. The yellow pin shows the location of the holiday house in Ville sur Sarre. All other locations were reached by foot. (back to full map)