Natural History Photographs

The previous two years I had visited Crete, but despite its botanical treasures, not all plants from Greece can be found there. So I was looking for a new location, and a recent book on the natural history of Lesbos alerted me to this island. Lesbos is fairly small (certainly compared with Crete), yet geologically diverse which immediately translates into botanical richness. We (Matty and I) stayed at Skala Kalloni, which turned out be near a good spot for bird photography, the Kalloni saltpans, which every day we briefly checked for birds. But I also wanted to find some orchids missing on Crete, so we explored some beautiful olive groves. All in all, Lesbos is ideal for a short stay due to the rich diversity of habitats to be found on relatively short distances.

The map allows you to navigate to the sites we visited at Lesbos. To get an overview of the landscape and nature at the various sites, hover your cursor over the pins, then click any of the stars that will appear. A small star indicates a short page, a large star a longer page, and a purple star indicates the page has subpages.