Natural History Photographs

My first travels abroad - in 1980 and 1982! - were to Spain, both to the south as well as the Pyrenees. I visted the Pyrenees a couple more times, but then I chose other destinations for a long time. But in October 2018 I got the opportunity to join my colleague Anco, who was planning for a course on geological field work. (Some of the photos shown in these pages are from October 2018.) Then in June 2019 I visited his course, together with another colleague, Maurits. For Maurits this was his first-ever vacation with a focus on nature, but luckily he enjoyed it much, despite - or perhaps in part also because of - his role as my personal chauffeur. Together we visited quite a few locations and did some serious hikes, the one to Valle de Ordesa arguably being the highlight of the week. The very steep gradient from the Ebro valley to the high Pyrenees makes for an extremely varied landscape, which makes the pyrenees near ideal for a one-week trip.

The map allows you to navigate to the sites we visited in the province of Huesca. The yellow pin denotes our home base, from where we made trips to all different locations. To get an impression of what we saw at the various sites, hover your cursor over the pins, then click any of the stars that will appear. A small star indicates a short page, a large star a longer page, and a purple star indicates the page has subpages.